Episode 4: Gaming Pt. 2

Welcome to episode 4 of The Black Techies Podcast. This Pt. 2 of our Gaming series. This week we talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda and open world games in general. We also dive into the representation of blacks/women in video games and media and how to increase it.

Check out Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan. It is a fantasy action-RPG developed by Cameroonian developer Kiro’o Games. It’s one of the only games to be set in Africa and contains many various African cultures as influences in the visual style and lore. www.aurionthegame.com

Also check out Paint by ShawnDenise on facebook! It is a black owned clothing line exclusively for full figured women. www.facebook.com/PaintByshawndenise/

If you like the 8-bit retro music, check out Carf Darko on Youtube and Soundcloud!

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