Welcome to The Black Techies…again

Welcome to the The Black Techies, where black culture meets the world of technology. We’ve been away for a while but we are back and here to stay. But why are we doing this? Why call ourselves the black techies? Why not just “the” techies? Glad you asked.

Here’s what we are:

  1. The Black Techies are black men and women who are genuinely interested in technology and/or work in various technological areas. Most of us have degrees in computer science and are well versed in most aspects of computers and consumer technology
  2. The Black Techies exist because people aren’t always represented fully in the tech space. Most of the CEOs, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the tech industry are white. Indeed, attend large scale trade shows like CES or Mobile World Congress and you’ll see a great majority of whites in the field. We exist to show other people of color that it’s okay to be a techie. IT’s okay to be a nerd. We actively promote and encourage people of color to consider the STEM field.
  3. True to our creed, we exist to talk about how technology affects the black community and how we can actively use technology to build our communities up. We live in a world where almost anyone can get access to a smartphone and start a business using the internet. How can we actively empower young black boys and girls to create the next Google or Apple?

Here’s what the Black Techies are not:

  1. We are NOT anti-white. You’ll hear us say this numerous times on our podcast. We do not bash white people or denigrate people of any other ethnicity (that would be racist). That said, we do discuss concepts such as white privilege and bias that can affect the black community in a negative way.
  2. We are NOT anti-PWI (Predominantly White Institution). Most, if not all of our members attended Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs) and we will actively promote education at an HBCU. However, many, many successful black people in technology did not graduate from an HBCU and perfectly fine! In the end, as long as you get a good education, that’s what really matters. But since we are the BLACK techies and we attended HBCUs, it’s incumbent on us to show love to our schools.
  3. We do NOT represent only one worldview, political ideology, or mobile operating system. Listen to the podcast enough and you’ll see a VARIETY of thought. Some of us lean a little more liberal, others lean a little more conservative. Some of us have iPhones, others have Android. What you will hear is plenty of constructive, respectful dialogue with willingness to understand differing points of views.

The Black Techies is built on three pillars: the blog, the podcast, and the YouTube channel. We realize that not everyone consumes content the same. Some people prefer audio while others prefer video. Still others prefer to read. Therefore, we will strive to deliver consistent and timely content on all three fronts.

Thank you for checking out our content and subscribe to our blog, podcast and YouTube channel to be the first to notified of new content. Make sure you tell your friends and family so we can grow. Until next time…Hail Wakanda!

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