Introducing Just Processing

David, the host of the The Black Techies Podcast, has started his own YouTube channel! This channel is called Just Processing and focuses on commentary on various issues and topics surrounding consumer technology and gaming and how it affects the average consumer.

He asks questions such as:

  1. Is cloud gaming the future?
  2. What will happen once Apple starts putting their own chips into the Mac?
  3. Does the Xbox Series X or PS5 have a better strategy to win the next-gen console war?
  4. Will this Covid-19 pandemic forever change how we conduct business and go to work?
  5. Are there any real benefits to 5G?

If those are questions you wonder about, this is the channel for you! Be sure to subscribe to Just Processing channel (and the Black Techies YouTube channel). Also, feel free to follow him on twitter (@JustProcessYT).

Don’t just think about things, process it!

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