Meet The Black Techies

David Matthews (TBT Alumni/Emeritus)


B.S. in Computer Science (Tennessee State University)

M.S. in Computer Science (North Carolina A&T State University)

Twitter: @packetstealer

Aliases: Packetstealer, “The Illustrious Host”, Fearless Leader, That Lightskinned Dude

Likes: Jesus, Gaming, HBCU bands, all things technology, networking, theology, Captain America, Atlanta Falcons, family

Dislikes: New Orleans Saints, Thanos (until Avengers 4 comes out), unsweetened tea

Favorite Quote: “There’s only one God and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t dress like that” -Captain America

Herbert L. Seward III (Host)

20 Year IT Professional, Blerd, HBCU Band Geek, BBQ Afficianado, Gamer, Writer, College Hoops Fanatic,

Aliases: The Black Tony Stark, Head Of The Wakandan Special Forces, Captain ‘Get Yo Hand Out My Pockets’, The “Black Finger Snap Of Thanos”, Tech Broccoli Bundles,

Likes: BBQ, Dame’s Chicken & Waffles, Futurism, All Things Tech, All Things HBCU (but ESPECIALLY HBCU Bands), Butter & Sugar w/Grits, SFF PC Builds,

Dislikes: Dook Basketball, The Marshmallowy Softness of Drake LPs, Mango Mussolini, The Dallas Cowboys, The Vegetable Squash.

Favorite Quotes: ” Wake up, Breathe, Learn, Sleep…Repeat”, “A Man gotta have a code…”

Tiffany Vicks (TBT Alumni)


Automotive engineer for 10 years, burgeoning real estate investor, sneaker head, casual techie

Aliases: I’m too authentic to have an alias… But for real though, my friends call me any variation of Tiffany, and anything my family calls me is too embarrassing to have on the internets.

Likes: Gadgets (especially those I can come up with a justification to buy), all things real estate investment, traveling, movies, books, laughing uncontrollably

Dislikes: Snow, text messages that just say “hey”, lemon flavored pastries, walking fast for no reason

Favorite Quote: “We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.” – Kahlil Gibran

Dominique Bass


Head Coach Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Aliases: D-Nice, Young T’Challa, The Black Deku, The Militant Techie

Likes: League of Legends, Dallas Cowboys, LA Lakers, NY Yankees, Geeking out over comic book movie theory, GoT, My daughter Arya Khaleesi

Dislikes: Jerry Jones, Philadelphia Eagles, Android phones in the group chat, Red Sox, Trump and his ilk, People who fly confederate flags, People who watch Fox News any way other than ironically, climate change deniers, and flat earthers

Favorite quote: Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage

Roberto Joseph


English Major (Morehouse College) Doctorate in BS (School of Hard Knocks)

Aliases: Berto, Beer Grylls, Miles Morales, WRXlessDrv3r

Likes: Family, healthy debates, memes, home theater tech, video games, movies, comic-based media (tv, literature, movies, art, all of it), writing, NY sports (Yanks, G-Men, Knicks)

Dislikes: Jerry Jones, whoever keeps ruining DCEU movies, paying full price for things, injustice, raisins in things, Boston sports, Nazis, the Americans who weaponize the police

Favorite Quote: “The asbsence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence”

Ebony Burroughs

B.S. in Graphic Communications Systems (North Carolina A&T State University)

M.S. in Information Technology (North Carolina A&T State University)

Twitter: @TheEbuggers

Instagram: @ebuggers

Aliases: Eb-Digga, E-boogie, “The Truth Teller”

Likes: HBCU Culture, Hiking, Philosophy, Horror movies and true crime, Stephen King novels, Ta-Nehisi Coates, History, Political theatre, Marvel super-heroes, Tacos and whiskey

Dislikes: Bullies, The Photograph (Don’t @ me), Social media challenges, Skinny jeans

Favorite Quote: “Ambition is the last refuge of failure” –Oscar Wilde

Leslie Moore

Proud Southern University Jag,

16 years in all things IT, gamer, and a mom of 1

Aliases: GetWreckt

Likes: Gaming, Pool, Anime, Manga, Sports, Chilling, Penguins

Dislikes: CLOWNS, Bandwagon Sports Fans, Cauliflower anything

Favorite Quotes: “Make it Work!”, “I wake up every day and choose VIOLENCE!”

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