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  • 5G does not cause COVID-19

    5G does not cause COVID-19

    Since the novel coronavirus and corresponding disease it causes, Covid-19, was first discovered, people have tried to figure out where exactly it came from. Many scientists believe this particular coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, was originally transmitted to humans via bats in the Chinese province of Wuhan. From there it spread quickly due to the highly dense population […]

  • Perfect Storm: How Coronavirus Could Kill Movie Theaters

    Perfect Storm: How Coronavirus Could Kill Movie Theaters

    As many of you know, I am a freelance writer for TechSpot. I recently wrote about how Disney & Pixar are bringing their new movie, Onward, to digital download and Disney+ early. This is obviously because movie theaters are closed due to coronavirus fears. However, in that article I talked briefly about if traditional movie […]

  • Episode 48: Coronavirus & Tech

    Episode 48: Coronavirus & Tech

    One of the biggest stories right now is concerning the spread of the coronovirus aka COVID-19. This is affected the tech world in major ways including the cancellation of Mobile World Congress and the Game Developer Conference. How else has the tech world been affected and does the Internet play a role in the spread […]

  • Why The “Black” Techies and not just “Techies”?

    Why The “Black” Techies and not just “Techies”?

    I’ve gotten this question quite a few times, usually from my Caucasian friends. To be fair, I understand the intent behind the question. Pointing out the ethnicity of our group seems needlessly divisive on the surface and may make other people who aren’t black feel alienated. That’s actually furthest from the truth but let me […]